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The Corinusian Republic is a loose collection of 5 city-states along the Corin and Ardenspor Rivers East of the Ta’ac mountain range. In the north, a large grassland gives ample grazing ground for the people of Patensur and smaller, nomadic communities. As the Ardenspor river meanders west it flows through the Valley of Nortenza between Mount Hor and Darnesh Peak, then joins the Corin river at Ambiliss. From there it continues south through fertile farmland until leaving Corinusia.


5 large cities each nestled in a confluence of two river sources govern the area by sending nobles to a Senate meeting on Darnesh Peak. Patensur, Vorden, Ambiliss, Crabteal and Vulles Glenn have cooperated somewhat flawlessly in this way for centuries, and are covenanted together for their mutual defense. Due to the Ta’ac mountains blocking them from the sea, there is no naval threat. However, relations with the Ta’ac Mountain Dwarves have been tentative. In the North, various Goblin and Orc villages provide nuisance, but Elves further north typically keep them in check.

The people in the northern grasslands and the southern farmlands tend to be primarily human with little exception, but the larger cities serve as metropolitan centers of diversity. Commerce flows freely up and down the river, and the city-states trade with the smaller communities around them. Each of the 5 larger cities is about a day’s journey from each other by boat downstream, two days upstream.

Here are the adventures so far:

Mount Hor Excursion

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