Tales in Corinusia

Mount Hor Excursion

Kithri Leagallow, Propensity, Lucian Shadowthorn, Dimenos & Delmirev were hired to clear out any threatening creatures from a temple on Mount Hor. They had been hired by Grakemo Igan to clear out any danger present before her team comes in. They were to sweep the area and deal with any threats so that the team of archaeologists can work uninterrupted. Grakemo’s team, of which Delmirev was a member at the time, was mostly concerned with the architecture and lore inscribed on the walls of the inner chamber. In leiu of payment, she had sent Delmirev with the team to provision and approve any treasure they found for them to possess. Delmirev was tasked with assuring that they did not destroy any architecture to procure this payment.

The log for the excursion (kept by Delmirev) reads as such:

  • The team began by vanquishing several groups of feral vermin.
  • Lucian discovered a bear trap that had been set among some debris (and what is meant by “discover” is that it injured his leg quite squarely)
  • After this the group found a 5ft-across red platform on the ground. A lit torch, when placed on the platform disappeared from sight.
  • The group also discovered an artifact that was shaped like a sundial. When Delmirev touched the artifact its conscious senses were shifted and it had a vision of standing in a derilect corner of the temple alongside a similar artifact.
  • The group encountered a skeleton belonging to a dwarf – centuries old, and the corpse of a goblin, 3-5 days old.
  • The group has opened four chests containing gold pieces, silver pieces and some magic items.
  • The group has retired to an inner room to rest for a half hour.
  • The group encountered another artifact identical to the first, and it became abvious to Delmirev that this was the location in its vision earlier, especially since when Propensity touched this second artifact she was treated to a vision of standing near the first artifact. The group opted to leave further exploration of the artifacts properties to the academic teams
  • The group was able to exit the temple near the rear through a hole in the outer wall, fighting off some feral mastiffs and discovering a recently abandoned encampment. All quickly deduced that this group was not the first to discover the temple was accessible.
  • The group battled a giant spider hiding underneath a stone tablet
  • The group, upon reaching the heart of the temple encountered a band of Goblins that had taken up residence. All of the Goblins were killed in the ensuing scuffle.
  • The group opened three more chests

Every member of the party was rewarded by a magic item they had obtained during their exploration. Each member lived through the adventure. Delmirev and Kithri decided to band together after the day’s events and continue roaming the countryside using their earnings to assist in charity wherever they could.


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