Tales in Corinusia

The Southern Dells

After some time of carousing around Vorden Ellywick happened upon an associate by the name of Tiva who assisted her in carrying of a heist, breaking and entering into an upscale home and stealing an emerald worth 200gp. The heist was unsuccessful owing to some blunders along the way, but the two thieves, the gnome and the druid escaped with their identity safe. The guards had no intention of making it known that they were bested by a small woodland creature and a cat, so they circulated descriptions of a monstrosity that was 7 feet tall. Eventually the rumors too a life of their own and it was reported that the creature had lightening flatulence.

Drowning their sorrows, the two, Ellywick and Tiva went back to the tavern they were used to. After an incredibly intense bender the two of them woke up in the alley behind the tavern with no memory of the last 24 hours. The only possession between the two of them besides the clothes in their back was a small zippered leather bag in Ellywick’s lap. It was discovered that the bag had a level of sentience and could speak when unzipped. It told them that Ellywick was to be its new owner as soon as the transfer was complete from its previous owner. He (Boddy) had gone to a tower South of Crabteal to offer aid there. Ellywick and Tiva convinced Delmirev and Kithri to accompany them on the journey, and they set off.

The journey took 2 days, and was somewhat uneventful except for an encounter with a bugbear halfway there. Kithri managed to use her connection to the divine to channel an intimidating presense, while Ellywick created the illusion of a brick wall blocking the bugbear’s view. This allowed the party to continue on their way.

Upon arriving at the tower, it was discovered to be a large windmill, standing 50 ft tall at the fulcrum of its arms. It is said around the area of Crabteal that the windmill turns at a constant pace regardless of weather, allowing the milling of the locally farmed grain. Delmirev walked around the outside of the windmill glancing in through windows and was only able to see a few things inside. A pattern of holes in the floor and an ornate mirror.

The party entered the tower through a doorway and found themselves in a series of two large rooms. In the 2nd room they found the mirror that Delmirev had spotted from outside. When they glanced in the mirror they noticed that the reflection did not match what they saw in the room. In the mirror’s image, a single sword was laying in the middle of the pattern of holes. This sword was not present in reality.

When the party headed upstairs to the 2nd floor, they entered a similar room. In this area there were 6 swords laying on the floor in the same pattern of the holes in the floor on the first level. Everyone headed up some more stairs to the 3rd floor.

On the third floor, the party encountered two suits of armor guarding a chest between them. When Kithri touched the chest a voice boomed from the suits of armor saying that if she wanted the contents of the chest she would need to best the suits in combat. The group elected to move on before engaging.

Snaking around the corner and doubling back the party reached a long hallway that stretched into the dark. With only their lantern and torches to guide them, darkness before and behind, they began to inch their way down the hall. Those in front immediately began to feel a draft on their face that came from the shadows. The wind grew stronger the further down the hallway they proceeded.

Delmirev deduced that they had encountered another elemental and attempted to communicate with newly attained proficiency in the Primordial language. The elemental answered in a whisper, telling Delmirev that no one will like what they encounter if they continue. Delmirev asked if the elemental needed help, to which it replied that yes, it did. It said that in order to help, the party would have to accept its help, but that the help would not seem like help.

At hearing that help was needed, all four of the party members attempted to bound down the hallway against the wind. The wind suddenly shifted from a draft to hurricane gale strength, blowing everyone off their feet. Delmirev, Kithri and Ellywick managed to grab handholds to keep from blowing away, but Tuvi, in the form of a cat, was not so lucky.

Tuvi was blown violently back through the hallway into the shadows, and no sound was heard from her direction again. No thud, no scream, not even a grunt. The instant she disappeared into the darkness the wind stopped and the voice of the elemental seemed to sigh.

Everyone stood and stared, first at each other, then back up the hallway, completely stunned at what they had just witnessed.

The Vorden Summer Festival
Three Adventurers Walk into a Zoo (Stop me if you've heard this one)

Kithri, Ara, and Delmirev decided to take in a summer festival in the city of Vorden and ended up going to a Menagerie of Magical Creatures. As they observed the creatures on display (which included a Pseudodragon, Pixies, a Dire Wolf, Demonic Bunnies, a Harpy, and an Unicorn) Ara heard a voice in her head saying “help me!” after some looking around she discovers that it is the unicorn who is calling her for help. The Unicorn is a black draft horse sized being who’s horn is missing. The adventures decide to help the Unicorn escape and as the are discussing how to break it out the are standing in front of the Pseuddragon’s cage. The Pseudodragon indicates that he and the Dire Wolf would like to help.
That night the adventurers return. Kithri frees the Dire Wolf and Ara cleans away the blood binding that kept the unicorn in it’s cage. The Pseudodragon lets itself out and distracts the guards.
The Pseudodragon frees the Harpy and it start to attack the guards, then the three adventures help scare it away. The Unicorn tells them about how she was captured and tells them she needs to get back to her forest to save her friend. When they get there they find the forest destroyed and the unicorn vows vengeance on the wizard that took her horn and destroyed the forest. She asked Ara to come with her, which she did. The Dire Wolf has decided to stay with Kithri.

The Fires of Arden, Chapter 2

The party awoke the next day and were preparing for their activities when Juden ascended the stairs to the inn. He handed Alteris a bag containing 450 GP, payment for the water barrels and “welcomed” the party to leave town as soon as possible. As Delmirev was moving to hitch up Themule for action, Ara noticed an arrow with a note that had been shot through the window. The note, from Smithus, indicated that by the time it was read the town delegation would have already made their way to the meeting with the Orcs in the eastern cave, and that the party should make their way there to offer aid if that was their goal.

The party left town by the Western road and turned back east to the cave (to avoid detection) and upon entering heard very agitated voices inside. Ellywick was unable to make out what was being said until Ara mistakenly revealed her presence to the others deeper inside. An Orc that had spotten Ara decided that they were being doublecrossed and attacked Smithus (an act that would later be revealed to be justified as Smithus was provoking and goading the Orcs to the annoyance of Aran and Juden). Smithus was knocked to the ground as the Ardenians, the party and the Orcs engaged. The attacking Orc, Krugen then attacked Aran while the leader (Dorgo) landed a heavy blow on Kithri (who was attempting to assess Smithus’ injury). After injuring Kithri, Dorgo turned to Judan and brought down his greataxe with deadly force on his sheild. Juden, who until that point was undecided as to his next action, glanced to Othenez and Zal for any cue. Othenez had begun to drag Zal out of the fight to safety, so Juden took that to mean the deal was off and he was authorized to fight back.

Juden, Smithus and the party made quick work of Dorgo while Aran slew Krugen. Aran then ran off into a dark corner of the cave where a gasp and a yell rang out.

Upon questioning Othenez, Delmirev was able to find out that the artifact they were dealing for was a source of water the villagers could use to deal with the Fires of Arden. Aran returned from the darkness to report he had slain another orc and found a chest. Delmirev used the Sannix Key Rudrai of Ur to open the chest to reveal a Decanter of Endless Water.

It was decided that the party would then head west to confront the Fires of Arden. While passing through town the party passed the Neverending Flame. Othenez and Juden explained that the Flame has been in the town for generations, and provides fire to all who need it. An “Identify” spell cast on the Flame (partially, because Delmirev could not touch it without injury) revealed that a spell was acting on it, but could not identify the specific spell. Delmirev put its cleric/mage abilities to good use in researching the flame, discovering that the Flame had been given to the village 175 years ago by a Dwarven Wizard who expected nothing in return.

Othenez mentioned that the Fires of Arden had appeared only a month and a half ago, and that the water they had been requesting from Holshwen was simply to use in town, drinking and washing.

The party continued to the forest west of town accompanied by Smithus, Juden and Aran. As they passed a certain distance from the town, the Fires appeared before them. A Ray of Frost cast on it was met with aggression as the fire charged toward Alteris (the caster) and attacked, draining half of his hp. The three village guards then took cover behind rocks as Ara attempted to put out various fires with the Decanter. Delimrev ascertained that the Fires were indeed a Fire Elemental and attempted to communicate with it. It was discovered that Delmirev and the Elemental had no languages in common. Although what the Elemental said was mostly unintelligible to the party, one word – Ortuga – stood out. The Elemental apparently did not see Delmirev as a thread, as instead of attacking it merely knelt down to face it and repeated “Dahush taguth. Ner kumt Ortuga”. Ara repeated the word “Ortuga”, which drew a reaction from the Elemental who repeated the word. The party decided that the Elemental and the Everlasting Flame were connected somehow and returned to the village. As they left the Elemental shrank into a resting stance.

Delmirev again applied its scholarly abilities to find a lexicon, finally managing to translate some of what it heard to “I mean you no harm. Give me Ortuga.” When the party reached out a torch to the Flame and uttered “Ortuga”, the flame transferred to the torch with a small wind. The party returned to the Fire Elemental outside town, lifting the torch into the air to the Elemental and uttering Ortuga to watch the elemental engulf the torch and absorb the Flame. The shape of the Elemental changed somewhat to reveal what can only be assumed to be the Flame on the Elemental’s shoulder. The Elemental uttered “Machumtor nontra” as, in a blinding flash of light, it disappeared, presumably returning to its home plane.

The party returned to Arden to celebrations and a feast. They were told that they would always be welcome in the village, and they would be celebrated any time they returned. When they returned with this tale to Holshwen, they were told to keep the money that Juden had given them plus an additional 50gp.

Trade has once again been established with Arden, and with it, news of the party’s deeds.

Some points that did not come up during the game but which should be interesting:

  • Zal is Othenez’ daughter, and although it is unknown to most of the village, Juden is her father. Juden loves her just as much as Othenez does. His and Othenez’ romantic relationship ended over a decade ago, but they are still kindly friends to each other.
  • Zal had managed to fix the lottery that would decide her fate, through Juden’s help. Juden supported Zal’s decision to do this and would not have suffered anyone to take that decision away from her. It was only after Othenez and Zal ran from the engagement in the cave that he felt that Zal had changed her mind and that he could therefore fight the Orcs.
  • Smithus had every intention of someday marrying Zal, and would have killed whoever he needed to keep her safe, including Juden (although that fight would have ended very badly for him if he tried)
  • Aran has returned to his butcher shop and although he still doesn’t trust Orcs, he has a new appreciation for non-humans. His perspective has grown as a result of working so closely with a Dragonborn, a Halfling and a Gnome.
  • The Fire Elemental Guldrenes had received special dispensation from the powers governing the Elemental Plane to summon himself to the physical plane to retrieve his son, Ortuga. Ortuga had been summoned by magic a great many years ago, and Guldrenes has been looking for him ever since. The terms for Guldrenes’ incursion into the Physical Plane were that he was restricted to uninhabited forestland and could not harm any living creature even to defend himself unless Ortuga’s life was directly in jeopardy (he did in fact break this rule when he attacked Alteris, and will be punished upon his return).
The Fires of Arden, Chapter 1

Delmirev and Kithri, who met on the excursion on Mount Hor for protection detail, have spent the several months since that adventure travelling the countryside of Corinusia helping and assisting those in need. They have developed both a reputation for altruism and a close camaraderie. On a recent mission to assist a small town, they ran into some racism and were run out of town, but not before befriending another individual – a Gnome by the name of Ellywick. Ellywise joined the party out of convenience.

After a few week’s time, Delmirev, Kithri and Ellywick (along with Alteris and Ara Nailo) have been hired by a merchant in Vorden to deliver barrels of water to his cousin Judan in the village of Arden a day’s journey away. Holshwen is concerned about his cousin because the requests for water have been constant for the last month although no drought is nigh in the region. Whenever a delivery has been made, those accompanying the water have been thanked tersely, paid quickly, then sent on their way as immediately as possible. No one in the village will speak beyond that.

For this reason, Holshwen promised to pay handsomely for any information the party can acquire about, as Holshwen eloquently puts it, “what in the blazing hellfire is going on up there?”

Shortly before arriving in the town of Arden, the party was attacked by a pack of wolves. With wolves closing in on both sides as well as forward and the rear, our heroes sprang into action. Kithri landed a hit using both her sword and javelin. Ara shot a wolf with an arrow, and Alteris finished a third off using magic missiles. The fourth wolf was frightened away thanks to the sacred flame of Delmirev.

When the party reached Arden, then were shown to the inn and given board for the night. The behavior of everyone around them, however, told them that all was not well.
Once all the Ardenians disappeared from the premises, the party agreed to feign retirement for the night while they spied on the goings-on in the town square. They observed a ceremony of sorts where every towns person drew an object from a pouch. The one who drew a specific item (Zal, a young woman in a red dress) was then placed in a cage right outside the town government center, under the guard of three makeshift soldiers, Juden, Smithus and Aran.

Alteris and Delmirev managed to convince Smithus to meet them in the Inn, where Smithus told them that they were to deliver Zal to a cave East of Arden where they would trade her to a band of Orcs for an artifact that would rescue them from “The Fire of Arden”. He then explained that the Fire of Arden was blocking any from Arden from leaving the town on the road on which the party arrived.

As they were finishing up the conversation Aran barged into the Inn demanding to know what Smithus was up to. Changing his mind, he declared that he didn’t want to hear it. He knew that desperate times call for desperate measures, but he had no desire for deals with Orcs.

Meanwhile, the wizard Alteris is suspicious and thoughtful after observing that Zal seemed to be aware that hers was the “chosen token” and was looking at Juden as she drew.
The Party agreed to surreptitiously follow the group that goes to the cave in the morning, and “play by ear”. They bedded down until morning in what amounted to a long rest.

The Covfefe Encounter

After some time of doing good around Corinusia, Kithri and Delmirev wound up in Covfefe. They had done some service around town and were relaxing in a Tavern when the religious leaders entered. They told them to leave town or they would be killed.

Delmirev and Kithri decided to attempt to leave town to avoid confrontation. They quickly found out that the religious leaders would rather have a fight instead. Assisted by Ellywick, who they had previously not met, they managed to fight their way out of the Tavern and out of the town’s area.

Ellywick decided to join the pair after that point.

Mount Hor Excursion

Kithri Leagallow, Propensity, Lucian Shadowthorn, Dimenos & Delmirev were hired to clear out any threatening creatures from a temple on Mount Hor. They had been hired by Grakemo Igan to clear out any danger present before her team comes in. They were to sweep the area and deal with any threats so that the team of archaeologists can work uninterrupted. Grakemo’s team, of which Delmirev was a member at the time, was mostly concerned with the architecture and lore inscribed on the walls of the inner chamber. In leiu of payment, she had sent Delmirev with the team to provision and approve any treasure they found for them to possess. Delmirev was tasked with assuring that they did not destroy any architecture to procure this payment.

The log for the excursion (kept by Delmirev) reads as such:

  • The team began by vanquishing several groups of feral vermin.
  • Lucian discovered a bear trap that had been set among some debris (and what is meant by “discover” is that it injured his leg quite squarely)
  • After this the group found a 5ft-across red platform on the ground. A lit torch, when placed on the platform disappeared from sight.
  • The group also discovered an artifact that was shaped like a sundial. When Delmirev touched the artifact its conscious senses were shifted and it had a vision of standing in a derilect corner of the temple alongside a similar artifact.
  • The group encountered a skeleton belonging to a dwarf – centuries old, and the corpse of a goblin, 3-5 days old.
  • The group has opened four chests containing gold pieces, silver pieces and some magic items.
  • The group has retired to an inner room to rest for a half hour.
  • The group encountered another artifact identical to the first, and it became abvious to Delmirev that this was the location in its vision earlier, especially since when Propensity touched this second artifact she was treated to a vision of standing near the first artifact. The group opted to leave further exploration of the artifacts properties to the academic teams
  • The group was able to exit the temple near the rear through a hole in the outer wall, fighting off some feral mastiffs and discovering a recently abandoned encampment. All quickly deduced that this group was not the first to discover the temple was accessible.
  • The group battled a giant spider hiding underneath a stone tablet
  • The group, upon reaching the heart of the temple encountered a band of Goblins that had taken up residence. All of the Goblins were killed in the ensuing scuffle.
  • The group opened three more chests

Every member of the party was rewarded by a magic item they had obtained during their exploration. Each member lived through the adventure. Delmirev and Kithri decided to band together after the day’s events and continue roaming the countryside using their earnings to assist in charity wherever they could.


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